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Ransom and Invictus Prompts

Michelle Xin

July 23, 2018

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1.     'Without mortality and fallibility, humility cannot exist.' 

Compare how the two texts explore the importance of humility.


2.     Compare the ways the two texts explore the efficacy of different leadership types.


3.     "In a world that is also subject to chance." (Ransom

"Under the bludgeonings of chance; My head is bloody, but unbow'd." (Invictus

Compare how chance influences lives and societies in these texts.


4.     Compare how these texts examine the societal consequences of conformation and rebellion.


5.     Compare how Invictus and Ransom explore resistance to change.


6.     'Forgiveness can correct any miscarriage of justice committed.' 

Compare how this idea is demonstrated in these texts.


7.     'Leadership and sacrifice are never mutually exclusive.' 

Compare the connections between leadership and sacrifice in Invictus and Ransom.


8.     Compare the ways the two texts explore the power of shared experiences.


9.     '...let his name, from now on, be Priam, the price paid" (Ransom)

Compare how Invictus and Ransom show the roles of the past in determining one's future.


10.  "But the women's presence is stronger than [Achilles']. This is their world." (Ransom

Compare what these texts say about the power of women in societies focused on masculinity and male experiences.


11.  'Family can have many interpretations and meanings.' 

Compare the ways family is perceived in these texts.


12.  Compare how the two texts explore intergenerational relations and their importance.


13.  Compare how, in Invictus and Ransom, the aftermath of forgiveness is both redeeming and transient.


14.  "Words are powerful. They too can be the agents of what is new, of what is conceivable and can be thought and let loose upon the world." (Ransom

"Just words. But they helped me to stand when all I wanted was to lie down." (Invictus)

Compare how words shape one's hope for change is explored in both texts.


15.  'Stories hold unseen truth and potential.' 

Compare how the two texts explore the importance of storytelling.

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