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Weekly Sessions

Small interactive group classes for 2 hours


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Learn LSG's Signature English Curriculum with unique strategies developed by the brightest minds


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Get access to our handpicked tutors who achieved a study score in the top 2%


Community Support

Attend online classes, where you can interact with your tutor and other students

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Lisa Tran

Founder of LSG, 10+ years of tutoring experience, and author of study guides used by teachers across Australia

Sarah Carbone

Class tutor, 47 study score (top 2% of her VCE cohort), and 5 years of tutoring experience

Symone Wish

Student and Tutor Happiness Manager, BA (Linguistics)

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Term 2

  • Learn Analysing Argument using LSG's SIMPLICITY and SPECIFICITY strategy to get top marks
  • Research, write, and confidently present your Oral Presentation
  • Get SAC and assessment preparation advice from A+ achievers who have walked the pathway before you
  • Timed essay practice with detailed tutor feedback on how to solidify your strengths and improve on your weaknesses
  • Get 100+ pages of Term 2 workbooks with A+ essay examples, templates, word banks, and more!

200+ Positive Reviews From Past Students

Despite the few hiccups regarding covid-19, I have had an amazing experience at Lisa's Study Guides. With the help of my amazing tutor Fern, she has provided me with constant feedback and as well as resources that are improving my essay-writing skills as well as my understanding of the book. Thank you for creating such a great tutoring service and I am forever grateful for helping me survive year 12 :) I highly recommed Lisa's Study Guides to those who want a life-changing experience!

Nina Lim

Have been with Lisa's Study Guides since last year and I am really enjoying the experience. My tutor, Rosemary tailors lessons to my needs and focuses on areas which I need to improve on. Lisa's Study Guides also supplies students with numerous resources that can help with studying at home. I strongly recommend Lisa's Study Guides to anyone who feels like they need the extra help to achieve high scores.

Andrew Chun

Tutoring at Lisa's Study Guides was the best choice I ever made during Year 12. This 'Maths and Science only' girl all of a sudden fell in love with English because of her amazing tutor Clare! I felt comfortable around my tutor and for a weak English student like me, I felt like everything started making sense and I felt myself improve (I realised when I looked back on my old work how weak I was in English). My analysis improved, writing, vocabulary and just my overall outlook towards the subject. This was the best investment I ever made, thank you so much LSG! I'm now pleased to call myself an 'English student' :)

Zainab Aboothahir

Natalie Frank tutored my daughter in English and Literature through her VCE year. Natalie was fantastic. She had a great rapport with my daughter and they worked well together. Natalie made all the difference to an otherwise very difficult year giving a lot of support and encouragement. I can thoroughly recommend both Natalie and Lisa’s Study Guides. LSG sends out a lot of useful information to both parents and students which is an added bonus to the tutoring.

Lucy Oscar

I definitely recommend getting tutored by Lisa's Study Guides team! They helped me build skills such as broadening my vocabulary, better phrasing of sentences, structuring my essay and offering in depth interpretations of the text being studied. They focus on your strengths and weaknesses and tailor each lesson to your needs. Best place for English tutoring!

Janet Nguyen

LSG's English tutoring is the best! My tutor, Kira, always brings the most insightful ideas to our sessions and has consistently helped me to consolidate my foundation in essay writing skills, which I found very helpful leading up to assessments and ultimately the exam. She is an incredible tutor! I also have found the ample resources in LSG to be extremely useful when I was still studying texts-- they definitely helped me understand the texts more in depth. Definitely recommend!

Xun Mei Zheng

I had absolutely smooth sailing and life changing experience with Lisa's Study Guides specifically with the help of Fern, who basically pushed me to heights I never dreamt of in my Year 12 English studies. I highly recommend you give them a call and ask to work with Fern she's brilliant.

Noah Minto

Thank you for helping me through English for the past 2 years! You and your tutors' positive enthusiasm really does rub off and I can say that I really have enjoyed studying English this year. You really have helped me learn so much and given me so many new ideas about my texts that I would not have found myself!

Britney Duong

Best experience I've had with a tutor! I prefer self studying because it always feels less complicated and efficient, but Lisa helped me with my writing more than I could expect. 5 stars, thumbs up, and would absolutely recommend to anyone who needs help with their writing.

Shokhsanam Tojiboeva

I would like to say thank you for everything Lisa's Study Guides has done. My son has had an amazing tutor for the last 18 months and I feel he will be able to perform a lot better in his VCE English exam. He has renewed confidence and feels a lot more at ease…I would recommend your tutors to anyone who has a child struggling.

Lynne Arthur

I was Peggy's English 3/4 tutoring student. Peggy is the BEST English tutor any high school student can ask for! Her extraordinary expertise and tutoring skills only make up a part of why she is amazing. She pours her heart and soul into supporting me academically and emotionally. She was also a powerful motivator in getting me to improve and become a better person. When you are tutored by her, you'll know that she doesn't tutor for the money, but rather because she genuinely wants you to reach your potential and do the best you can in your studies.

Phoebe Nguyen

My tutor Sophie has been such a legend throughout the whole year, giving me great samples, helping me with structuring essays and also expanding my vocabulary. LSG has offered so many resources and litcrits too, which I am really grateful for. I couldn't have survived year 12 English without your help. Thanks Sophie

Ping Qu

A massive thank you to Fern from Lisa's Study Guides for all her help with English this past year! From day one Fern was able to help me work towards my goals and understand the specific areas I struggled with most. I felt motivated by Fern’s continual dedication, she was always happy to go the extra step in reading more of my work, finding extra resources and thorough in ensuring all of my questions were covered. I struggled with writing my essays within the time frame, which she was highly skilled in helping me work through as well as improving my writing level as a whole. A true natural in all things tutoring and English!!! Could not recommend Fern highly enough, wouldn’t have made it through English without her.

Georgia Anderson

I started tutoring with Kira and Peggy about 5 weeks before the exams for a bit of extra help and I found I learnt more in those 5 weeks as opposed to the whole year. Both tutors were considerably flexible with times and dates making it really easy for me to fix in all my other study when I had to do it. In terms of the actual work Kira and Peggy worked diligently to pin point my weakness and strengthen them as much as possible. Essays or any bit of work I hadrons would be handed back to me with feedback the next lesson I would have with them, making the learning process quick thanks to their hard work. They had many resources for me to study off at home and often gave me things to work on so I knew exactly what I needed to study each week. I was really pleased with how much I learnt in such a short period of time and achieved all my English goals with a great study score that I thought I’d never achieve before I had the help of Kira and Peggy :))))


Lisa's Study Guides is a very helpful tutoring service that supports students who are struggling with their English skills. It has awesome tutors who are always there to help and support you in your learning and help you achieve your desired scores.

Nikitha Biju

Lisa's Study Guides is a great tutoring service for high school students who are seeking extra help and desire to score high in their English subject. There are friendly and supportive tutors who are always there for you to reach out whenever you need some guidance with your English studies.

Devisha Mamidapally

Pricing and Details

Year 7 to 12 Classes

$60 per week
2 hour interactive weekly lessons including learning, application and feedback
Available online or in-person at our LSG campus in the Melbourne CBD
An alternative to private tutoring with a lower price point - just $30 per hour
Learn LSG’s Signature English Curriculum, proven to help students get study scores of 40+
Intensive support from an experienced tutor on all aspects of the VCE English curriculum
LSG workbooks with 300+ pages detailing our unique LSG writing strategies
LSG community of amazing like-minded students who are striving for their goals (just like you)
15% off all of our LSG workshops and study guides

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