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English & EAL

195 Language Analysis Tones

Lisa Tran

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We've all struggled with identifying tones for language analysis. So, I've compiled an assortment of tones you can choose from, categorised into their 'intensities'! 

‍Love this? You can download the PDF version here.

‍‍Love this? You can download the PDF version here.

Extra: Did you know that our VCE English Essentials Study Guide includes this 195 Language Analysis Tones List AND offers an even more comprehensive guide on how you can identify and analyse tone? Click here to download a FREE sample chapter from the study guide!

Lisa Tran

I graduated in 2008 from Methodist Ladies' College with an English study score of 45. And I have helped several students strive for their goals in English ever since - from selective school students, EAL students, to disadvantaged students. I am so invested in tutoring that I quit my career as a Pharmacist because I find the experience of teaching incredibly rewarding. Over the past 7 years I am so proud to say that I have seen each and every one of my students grow not only in their English skills, but also their motivation to succeed in English and VCE.

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