QnA with English high achievers

Lisa Tran

March 14, 2016

VCE Study Tips

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We'd all love to hear and learn from those who have been our VCE shoes before, especially when you've cut out some hours of your sleep to study, or had your head stuck in your books for over 3 hours at a time - getting some real advice would give you that buzz of inspiration and motivation right?! Well, that's exactly what we've done for you in our latest YouTube video release. Enjoy this interview with three of VCE Study Guides' brightest tutors - you can get to know them better, and also hear the advice they have for you, from regrets to study techniques. Some of your budding questions may be answered as they were asked typical questions students usually have for past high achievers!

Our VCE Study Guides English Tutors

  • Lyn Nguyen graduated in 2015 with an English study score of 46, with an ATAR of 97.95. She is currently studying Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Commerce at Monash University.
  • Jarrod McAleese graduated in 2014 with an English study score of 49, with an ATAR of 90.80. He is currently studying Bachelor of Journalism at RMIT.
  • Isabelle Gao graduated in 2014 with an English study score of 47, with an ATAR of 99.60. She is currently studying Bachelor of Commerce at RMIT.

If you are interested in tutoring with us, you are welcome to discover more on our tutoring mantra here. Gone are the days where you would sit down with an outdated tutor for a bland hour of tutoring. At VCE Study Guides, we take pride in our innovative and interactive teaching approach. We possess the unique skill of transforming VCE tutoring into an engaging and fun learning space (as strange and incomprehensible as it may seem!) with a great vibe so that even our students feel excited and keen to learn! 

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