English & EAL

Ransom: Essay Prompts

Lisa Tran

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  1. Ransom suggests that revenge is not the answer to grief.
  2. Ransom demonstrates that though it may be difficult, anyone can change their ways. Discuss.
  3. Women have no important role in Ransom.
  4. In Ransom, the characters confront their battles with love or revenge.
  5. Malouf suggests that peace triumphs over war. Discuss.
  6. Love drives the characters to act unimaginably.
  7. The characters’ sense of humanity disappears when they lose a loved one.
  8. Both Achilles and Priam journey through pain and loss to ultimately find peace.
  9. David Malouf suggests that revenge and guilt are connected.
  10. Redemption helps the characters in Ransom find peace.
  11. Ransom demonstrates that even the common man can teach royalty many things.
  12. Ransom shows that royal members are not superior to commoners.
  13. Priam is depicted ‘like an obedient toddler’ at the beginning of his journey. How does this journey change him into a man?
  14. ‘In the long vista of time he might already be gone.’ David Malouf proposes that human significance in the world is transient. Do you agree?
  15. Ransom’ refers to the situation between Achilles and Priam. What other ransoms occur in the novel?
  16. The true hero of Ransom is Somax. Discuss.
  17. Ransom shows that the gods have a significant role in the fate of the characters.
  18. In David Malouf’s Ransom, it is the commoner who is shown to be privileged, not royalty. Discuss.
  19. The characters’ identity is not defined by their names, but who they are.
  20. ‘…[S]mall waves kick up, gather, then collapse, and new ones replace them; and this, even as he watches, repeats itself, and will do endlessly.’ Ransom illustrates that the cycle of life is repeated. To what extent do you agree?

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