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Così: Study Tips

Lisa Tran

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Learn about Così Fan Tutte

An understanding of Mozart’s Così Fan Tutte is required in order to comprehend the themes and purpose of Louis Nowra’s play, Così. The most significant connection between the two pieces is love and fidelity. Much alike the men in Così Fan Tutte, Lewis is confronted with a similar experience where his partner, Lucy is having an affair with his friend, Nick. However, while there are many similarities, there are also considerable differences. Make sure that while studying Così, comparisons are made between the themes, setting / time and dialogue. Furthermore, listen to Così fan tutte. Hearing the opera can help auditory learners gain insight into the emotions and thoughts of the characters via pitch, rhythm etc.

Appreciate that Così is a play

Think about why Louis Nowra chose a writing style of a play. In plays, not only is the dialogue important, so are stage directions and setting. Understand the significance of a play within a play.

Watch Così the film

This is a good way to consolidate or revise your knowledge, especially for visual learners. The film provides a chance to additional insight into characters, setting and dialogue.

Mark Joffe directed the film, Così in 1996. It stars Ben Medelsohn as Lewis, Barry Otto as Roy and Toni Collette as Julie.

Research on history

Historical events and politics during the 1970s are heavily weaved throughout Così. Nowra reflects on the treatment of mentally ill, the Vietnam War, and women’s liberty throughout the characters in the play.

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