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Ransom: Study Tips

Lisa Tran

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Watch Troy

Based on The Iliad, the 2004 film Troy directed by David Benioff retells the events leading to, and after Hector’s death. Although it does not depict Priam’s journey to the Greek camp, the film portrays the king seeking Achilles’ compassion for his son. This method of learning is fantastic if you are unclear or unfamiliar with the story of The Iliad since will provided you a greater background to the history of the Trojan War.

Read The Iliad by Homer

Reading the novel The Iliad by Homer will provide you insight into the original tale written during the 8th century BC. The classic explores in detail Achilles’ refusal to fight for his leader Agamemnon, Patroclus’ role in the war and also the disputes between the gods as they argue over the fate of mortals.

Note: Reading the entire novel is recommended but is not a necessity. Due to time restraints of VCE, if unable to complete this task, select important chapters or events (such as those mentioned above) in The Iliad to enhance your understanding of Ransom.

Appreciate the differences between The Iliad and Ransom

Appreciating the differences in storyline will lead to better understanding of the themes and symbols in Ransom. One of the main differences between the two texts is their depiction of Priam’s journey to Achilles. In The Iliad, this journey is explored only momentarily, and focuses more on the presence of Hermes. The inclusion of the new character Somax in Ransom provides a stark contrast between common man and royalty. While The Iliad touches the surface of the characters’ suffering, Malouf delves into the emotional journey that the characters undergo during the darkest episode in the Trojan War.

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