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Salma Abdelfadil

English {49}

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Melbourne Eastern & North-Eastern Suburbs, Online


I am currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Science/Masters of Engineering course at the University of Melbourne, however, the majority of the VCE experience remains fresh in my mind.

Despite my foreign ethnic background, I remain grounded with the conviction that “practice makes perfect”, regardless of the subject you’re dealing with. I strive to engrain within you the grind mentality and provide you with the necessary guidance, support and resources to achieve your maximum potential.

As for my personal interests, I am an avid reader, especially with classic novels, an athletic martial arts player (with several medals in karate) and a great friend to vent to, when the pressure and overload of VCE consumes you at any time throughout the year. I have read on a breadth of topics across my life, ranging from politics to anime, and met many people from across Australia and abroad, where I’ve studied at eight different schools in total.

However, as Emma Watson’s quote exemplifies, “I don’t want the fear of failure to stop me from doing what I really care about". Let’s ensure that you harness that hidden talent of yours to end your final year of high school victoriously, proud of your achievements!

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