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Menara Rathnayake

English {48}

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Melbourne South-Eastern Suburbs, Monash University, Online


Hey there! My name is Menara and I am studying a Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Global Studies at Monash University. Ever since I was young I have had an immense passion for reading and writing and I hope that my love and joy for English will spread to you through our time together.

Aside from my work, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, and I am a deep lover of classical music as well as a piano enthusiast.

Throughout my own VCE English studies, I have combated my own trials and tribulations through the holes and deep ends of my learning and so in my own way have found out the best ways in which students can excel and maximise their abilities. That is, whether it is understanding the texts on a beyond-the-surface level or simply writing on topic.

I am committed to tailor lessons to meet your own unique needs and learning styles and make it a supportive and engaging learning experience for you.

As your English tutor, I envisage that wherever you are in your VCE English journey, my help will instill you with a greater confidence in your written/oral capabilities and by the end you foster your own love and enjoyment for English no matter where you had started from.

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