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Luiza Alberti

English {47}

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Melbourne Western Suburbs, CBD, Online


Hi there! My name is Luiza and I’m a graduate with a Bachelor of Animation from RMIT University :)

I have many years’ experience as an English tutor and cannot wait to help you excel in your VCE journey! I understand how challenging it is to remain positive and organised during VCE (having graduated in 2020 no less!), and that’s why I’ve made it my mission to help students achieve their true potential. This might sound corny, but I love analysing texts – really delving deep into the different frameworks and ideologies behind each written word – and I find it very rewarding to collaborate with students and come up with unique, sometimes wacky (but no less valid!), ways to analyse texts.

I believe that English becomes so much easier when you can find something you love, or at least like, about it – be it a character in one of your texts, applying your creative chops for creative writing, or even the analytical thinking behind argument analysis. Each student has their own interests and goals, so being able to see how your individuality aligns with the subject can be a very exciting process. I’m very keen to help build your confidence and understanding around English, so that by the end of your journey you can feel proud of all your hard work!

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