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Jasper McDowell

English {49}, Literature {44}

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Melbourne Eastern Suburbs, University of Melbourne, CBD, Online


Hi there, I’m Jasper. I’ve always been passionate about helping my classmates and working together to come up with fresh ideas. For me, the theoretical, textbook-ish side of school was always a bit boring, so I care more about relating content to our own lives and passions and using that as a down-to-earth way to understand it.

My approach has always been a bit… unconventional, and perhaps a bit bizarre, but I love delving into a text really deeply to uncover its purpose and the quirks in its construction. This has helped me build a really strong understanding of texts, enabling unique discussions and essays – and hopefully it will for you too! It’s these skills that, through tutoring, I hope to pass on to as many people as possible, while also being led by your interests, ideas and needs, to inspire you to do your best in English and develop your own true, authentic passion for it.

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