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Erin McCubbery

English {50}, Literature {47}

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Hi there!! I’m Erin, and I’ve been a dedicated English tutor since way back in 2016 (I know, I’m old). Literature and language learning are my two biggest passions - I’ve graduated with Honours from the University of Melbourne, where I wrote my thesis on the use of language in Japanese and English literature - and I’m committed to sharing this passion with each of my students.

The thing is, I know full well the stress that VCE English can cause. Believe me - during my own time in Year 12, I frequently struggled with anxiety attacks in the lead up to SACs, and even fainted right before the final exam. I also know that, in the midst of stressing over other subjects and balancing your social life with schoolwork (all while working out what you want to do with your life!), caring about English can feel like an absolute last priority, especially if it’s not your strongest subject. But I’ve worked with students of all abilities, backgrounds, and levels of motivation over the past eight years, and the thing I’ve learned is that, with the right tools and approach, every single student is capable of conquering VCE English – no matter their past experiences in the subject.

I understand that no student is the same, and that no single learning approach works for everyone. Instead, I always make sure to work with my students to develop individualised learning plans that cater to their specific needs. Most importantly, though, I know that developing confidence in your own abilities makes all the difference; I’ve seen the huge change that starting to believe in oneself can make in a student’s academic journey, including my own! Together with you, I would love to work hard to build upon your current abilities and, with tailored guidance, show you what you’re truly capable of! I promise that VCE doesn’t have to be nearly as scary as your teachers can make it out to be. Let’s work together to make it fun, low stress, and genuinely rewarding!

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