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Emily Lin

English {49}

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Melbourne Eastern Suburbs, University of Melbourne, CBD, Online


Hi there, I’m Emily!

Given the fact that I’m a huge fan of writing and journaling, English was no doubt one of my favourite subjects in VCE. Throughout my time at Camberwell Girls, I thoroughly enjoyed public speaking and debating - the writing aspect of it all was enthralling for me. I believe that learning is not just limited to the textbook. With English especially, there is much more to the surface of overarching themes and characters; there are deeper concepts that can be drawn and linked to our current world.

I’m very much a philosophical thinker and have a great interest in gender politics but to add onto that, I'm a huge fan of music in its entirety. Taylor Swift’s lyricism was no doubt one of the catalysts that spurred me to enjoy the beauty of fancy vocabulary, as well as books like Dracula and Pride and Prejudice. I’m very much all for that light academia aesthetic of having a good book with a nice matcha latte in hand whilst sitting beside your friends contemplating deeply about anything.

For me, finding joy in studying English did not come easily, but it is one of the most liberating subjects and I hope to help you find enjoyment in the subject as I did. As your English tutor, I hope to help you expand beyond the confines of essay structures and excel, and be your personal cheerleader and help you achieve your personal study goals.

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