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David Canta

English {46}

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Melbourne South-Eastern Suburbs, Online


Hey there! My name is David and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne and am planning on pursuing law school post-grad. I have quite a lot of studying to do over the next few years, however, when I'm not in the books, I love playing tennis, going to the gym, playing piano and hanging out with mates.

It doesn't matter where you're at in English; a concerned VCE student or Shakespeare v2. What I can offer you as a tutor is assurance of my in-depth understanding of the subject's requirements and communicating how to reach positive outcomes in a simple and approachable manner. Helping my fellow classmates throughout Year 12 and having previous tutoring experience under my belt has taught me that anyone can achieve better marks without compromising their own social life, physical health and mental wellbeing. I'm all about building confidence in articulating ideas, solidifying essay structures and giving meaningful feedback on written pieces.

If you're looking for assistance from someone who loves VCE English, is an advocate for quality over quantity study, and whom will never be disappointed by your efforts, then I'd love to help you on your English journey - hopefully making it a little bit easier for you to get to sleep the night before the big exam!

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