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Amanda Lau

VCE English {45}, ATAR 90.45

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Melbourne Eastern Suburbs, State Library


Hi! I graduated from Wantirna College in 2015 and achieved a raw study score of 45 for English! Those two numbers cannot quite define my passion for this subject. The process of dissecting meaning from films and delving into the themes underpinning VCE texts is always a satisfying challenge. I am embarking on my third year as an Arts student majoring in psychology with a minor in linguistics at the University of Melbourne. As the study of language and the mind fascinates me, I hope to study speech pathology in the future. In my free time, I enjoy sketching and visiting art galleries. I have been tutoring for a little over two years now and the prospect of being able to share my passion and enthusiasm with Year 11 and Year 12 students still makes me slightly giddy with excitement. To help you in achieving your goal study score, exchanging ideas would be such a rewarding experience.

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