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Researching for and against


How to structure your speech


The art of the choosing an A+ topic


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Must-use persuasive tactics in speeches


Final tips for success

What you can get with our Oral Presentation Guide

We interviewed hundreds to students to find out the most common and challenging questions they had, then compiled answers from experienced English tutors in a simple how-to guide.

Real examples

Learn from oral presentations that achieved full marks

Step-by-step guide

Write your oral with simple, easy to follow advice

Proven methods

Guidance from those who have been there and achieved A+

Written by

Lisa Tran

Founder of Lisa's Study Guides

I'm a highly-sought after English tutor with 10 years experience.

I achieved full marks (20/20) in my Year 12 Oral Presentation SAC, despite previously never scoring higher than an A grade. My secret recipe to success catapulted me to top of the class, and I've taught the same tactics to students ever since. All these students go on to achieve at least 90% in their Oral Presentations.

My rules and advice are simple, but they are also strategic so that you stand out from the crowd.

If I could turn myself from a shy, nervous-wreck when presenting in public and get perfect marks with these strategies, I know you can too!

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