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VCE English Intensive Workshop

Lisa's VCE English Summer Intensive workshop 2015. Interact. Engage. Succeed!

A 3 hour jam-packed tutoring session where in each hour we cover Text Response, Context and Language Analysis. We will run through structuring essays for different types of essay topics, analysing articles and visuals, how to compare 2 or more articles, how to approach SACs and exams, tips from VCAA English examiners to get A+ results and much more!...

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What students say

Lisa has helped me develop my writing skills to a much higher standard, provided comprehensive feedback that I was missing from my teacher and priceless resources. Her dedication to her students is amazing as seen through her study guides.

Linh Hoang Year 12 student

“Lisa is an amazing English tutor who helped me develop my writing so much this year. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an English tutor and she’s the one of the nicest and most approachable people I know.”

Kanwal Singh Year 12 graduate

Recent study guides

  • Holiday checklist: a simple guide to preparing yourself for next year!

    Holiday checklist: a simple guide to preparing yourself for next year!

    The holidays present a fantastic time to not only have a much needed break, but also to prepare yourself thoroughly for the following year! Obviously, you should take a break, have fun and catch up with your friends, but you should also look at incorporating some VCE English Language study into your holiday schedule. In this post, I will recommend some ways for you to study over the holidays without totally interrupting your break! Note: In the holidays, the aim is merely to expose yourself to and familiarise yourself with the key features, terms and structure of VCE English Language, rather than completing actual responses (you’ll learn that in class!)....Read More
  • Why you SHOULD read you books before the school year begins

    Why you SHOULD read you books before the school year begins

    Reading your VCE books during your summer holidays might sound a little mundane, especially when you can spend that time with family and friends, but it will be one of the best things you would’ve done for yourself in preparation for your VCE year. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself later. The difference with these holidays compared with others is that you have an incredibly important year of schooling lurking around the corner – one that is stressful for most, if not all students. So, for your own benefit, you should definitely take advantage of this break! Having read your books once before you start the school year gives you a major advantage over students who haven’t....Read More
  • Metalanguage is at the core of English Language

    Metalanguage is at the core of English Language

    Metalanguage shouldn’t ever be underestimated in English Language; in fact it pretty much dominates all areas of the curriculum; from short answer to analytical commentaries and finally to the essay section. If you want to achieve a great score in English Language, then I highly recommend you learn as much metalanguage as possible! But first, what in the world is metalanguage? Simply put, it is ‘language used to describe the language’. As linguists, we need to have precise ways to describe the language, which everyday words simply can’t describe. For example, a ‘doing or action word’ needs to be more precisely defined; in this case, we call this a ‘verb’...Read More