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Welcome to VCE Study Guides! Here you’ll find helpful study guides for VCE English and ESL.

How will VCE Study Guides help you?
Text Response: While our study guides have normal study guide content such as character analysis, themes and important quotes, we also have useful information specific for VCAA criteria– this includes: text construction, design features, author messages etc.
Context: Unlike any other study guide website, we’ve also created context study guides to assist you in your VCE studies. This includes: exploration of key ideas, relating these key ideas to texts and external sources such as media and history etc.
Language Analysis: Find unique tips on oral presentations, analysing articles and images etc.
And our favourite section – the VCE Blog which addresses student concerns, tips on tackling VCE English / ESL and much more!
Launched in 2011, you may find that your particular text is yet to be uploaded onto the site, but please be patient. We are trying our best, spending hours every day writing up guides, in order to have a complete list of study guides for ALL VCE texts for you! In the meantime, check out our VCE Blog which has monthly advice to all VCE students no matter which text you’re studying!
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