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Recent English study guides

  • VCE English Text Response – Know Your Text!

    VCE English Text Response – Know Your Text!

    When it comes to studying a text for the text response section of Year 12 English, what may seem like an obvious point is often overlooked: it is essential to know your text. This doesn’t just mean having read it a few times either – in order to write well on it, a high level of familiarity with the text’s structure, context, themes, and characters is paramount. Authors structure their texts in a certain way for a reason, so it’s important to pick up on how they’ve used this to impart a message or emphasise a point. Additionally, being highly familiar with the plot or order of events will give...Read More
  • Quick Tips to Ace Language Analysis

    Quick Tips to Ace Language Analysis

    Whether Language Analysis is your favourite section of the English course or you just wish you could read an article without analysing the effect of a generalisation, here are some quick and simply tips to ensure you can maximise your marks in Section C! Improve your METALANGUAGE What is Metalanguage? – Words that describe language! For example: The words infer The words insinuate The words suggest Create a word bank full of different words you can interchange throughout your analysis to eliminate any repetition! Do not reiterate what the writer is saying Remember you are analysing the language the writer uses, not arguing the contention of the writer! Therefore avoid...Read More
  • How to achieve A+ in Language Analysis series: Introduction

    How to achieve A+ in Language Analysis series: Introduction

    Hey everyone! I’m super excited to share with you my first ever online tutorial course for VCE English/EAL students on How to achieve A+ for Language Analysis!!! I created this course for a few reasons: Language Analysis is often the key weakness for VCE English/EAL students, after my intensive workshops, students always wish we had spent even more time on Language Analysis, many of you have come to me seeking private tuition however since I am fully booked out, I wanted to still offer you a chance to gain access to my ‘breakthrough’ method of tutoring Language Analysis, I am absolutely confident in my unique and straightforward way of teaching Language Analysis which has lead...Read More

Recent English Language study guides

  • An ethnolect? What is an ethnolect!?

    An ethnolect? What is an ethnolect!?

    One of the key areas studied by students in Unit 4 AOS 1 is ethnocultural varieties in Australia, otherwise known as ‘ethnolects’. An ethnolect can be defined as a morphological blend of the terms ‘ethnic + dialect’, and is a variety of Australian English employed by many migrant speakers and subsequent generations of migrants. There’s a specific reason Australia has many ethnocultural varieties in existence – it’s simply due to our value of multiculturalism. Entirely new forms of Australian language are emerging as our accent adapts to the growing value of multiculturalism, says Fiona Cox, a phonetician from Macquarie University in Sydney. “Changes in accent parallel sociocultural changes, because accent...Read More
  • What are the unique Australian cultural values?

    What are the unique Australian cultural values?

    Australia is a unique country with its own distinct cultural values. Australia is often characterised as being fair, equal, laidback, egalitarian and hospitable. Australia is also known as having a ‘classless’ society – what this means is that we don’t value or respect the upper class (authority) as much as America or Britain does, and in fact our lexicon and accents collectively reflect this value of classlessness. Let’s first start off by defining some of these cultural values. EGALITARIANISM Egalitarianism: this is the belief in the idea of equality for all people; that all citizens should be granted a ‘fair go’. This idea should not be confused with socialism or...Read More
  • An in-depth analysis on the three Aussie accents!

    An in-depth analysis on the three Aussie accents!

    In contemporary Australian society, there are three common accents: the Broad, General and Cultivated accents. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that it merely stops at these three common accents – in fact there are also ethnic varieties as well as Aboriginal English. So, while we classify the Broad, General and Cultivated accents as the main accents, do not ignore the other two. However, for the purposes of this article, I will only be delving into the three common accents, and will endeavour to write another article on ethnic varieties and Aboriginal English in the future. So, let’s begin by demystifying the three accents: Broad: The Broad accent is often...Read More