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Welcome to the new age of VCE tutoring. Lisa Tran VCE Study Guides Creator and Head Tutor All my Year 12 students in 2014 achieved study scores of 40 and over in VCE English. Congratulations to you all! We specialise in VCE English, English Language, EAL, and Literature. We are also equipped to tutor you the NEW study designs implemented from 2016. Gone are the days where you would sit down with an outdated tutor for a bland hour of tutoring. At VCE Study Guides, we take pride in our innovative and interactive teaching approach. We possess the unique skill of transforming VCE tutoring into an engaging and fun learning space (as strange and…

VCE English Intensive Workshop Study Guide

VCE Study Guides' English Intensive Study Guide 2016

Empower your VCE English learning with Lisa's comprehensive 100+ pages study guide covering Text Response, Context and Language Analysis! With an abundance of specific SAC and exam advice for majority of the VCAA texts, sample A+ essays with expert feedback, you will find information here that you will find no where else!

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How to achieve A+ in Language Analysis

How to achieve A+ in Language Analysis Online Course

Learn how to ACE your way through one of the toughest components of VCE English - Language Analysis! With 4.5 hours of video content covering article & image analysis, comparing two or more articles, how to structure your essay and more, you will undoubtedly see immediate results in your understanding and performance!

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  • VCE English: Finding Your Voice

    VCE English: Finding Your Voice

    To stand out, it’s important to have a voice. In writing, it’s the expression of your thoughts, beliefs and emotions on the page that gives the reader insight into your own personal opinions and ideas on a topic. Your writer’s voice is unique to you and therefore presents your work as original amongst the multitude of essays examiners receive. In order to find your unique voice, it’s important to pinpoint the ideas that interest you that would allow you to write in the most authentic manner. Your distinctive style of writing and the concepts you present will allow you to stand out amongst your peers and thus, will ensure you...Read More
  • Oral presentation topics 2016

    Oral presentation topics 2016

    Oral presentation topics 2016 1. Should we have 24 hour public transport on weekends? 2. Gender selective abortion in Australia 3. Should the driving age in Australia be lowered? 4. Cricket star Chris Gayle’s treatment of journalist Mel McLaughlin 5. Should children be vaccinated? 6. Should the voting age in Australia be lowered to 16 years? 7. Should singer Chris Brown be denied entry to Australia? 8. Cultural appropriation in Australia 9. Should an Australian Prime Ministers be removed from office without a general election? 10. Should Australia be a republic? 11. Should the Australian flag be changed? 12. Is Australia Day racist against Indigenous Australians? 13. Adam Goodes booing:...Read More
  • Collaboration not competition and telling yourself “you can!”

    Collaboration not competition and telling yourself “you can!”

    VCE English can be one of the most daunting and difficult subjects to study. On top of that, as students of the VCE, we are plagued daily by distractions that seemingly inhibit our ability to maximize the time to fulfil our best potential. Feeling anxious about what seems to be such little time before the exam in October, we face mind blanks and find ourselves in a constant battle against feelings of doubt and anxiety. However, these feelings only trick us into thinking that we are not good enough to achieve and consequently diminish our much needed motivation. Thoughts about having to write three 1000-word essays in three hours by...Read More

Recent English Language study guides

  • Informal Language – How do we economise our speech?

    Informal Language – How do we economise our speech?

    This is it guys – school is now officially back from everyone and it’s now time to develop those GOOD habits throughout all of 2016. Part of these good habits include thoroughly understanding terms and how they can be applied to texts at the CONCEPTUAL LEVEL. What do I mean by this? I mean not just creating a definitions list for all metalinguistic terms and praying to God you’ll remember it, rather actually understanding these terms and applying it to a variety of texts. Unit 3 AOS 1 looks at informal language and part of that is what is known as speech economisation. This is is the idea that we ‘shorten...Read More
  • The main differences between informal and formal language!

    The main differences between informal and formal language!

    All VCE English Language students must complete Unit 3 AOS 1 & Unit 3 AOS 2 of the course before successfully moving onto Unit 4. Today, I will help you demystify the differences between informal and formal language, because Unit 3 is just that: formal and informal language. Having tutored many students myself, I have noticed an inherent disconnect between students’ knowledge and their actual understanding. Yes, students can LEARN the metalanguage for informal and formal language, but that doesn’t mean you actually UNDERSTAND it at the conceptual level. I strongly urge all students to think about these questions and aim to do your own research independent of what your...Read More
  • Where to Find Media Examples for 2016!

    Where to Find Media Examples for 2016!

    Many past high-scoring graduates of VCE English Language have stated to me that what allowed them to attain high scores in the essay section was… the use of modern media examples! Yes, modern media examples. I genuinely believe many students are aware of this, but I also believe that many students don’t know where to look or even how to look. My aim is to demystify this dilemma today (well, hopefully!). Modern examples + Linguist quotes = Great essay! Pay attention to the equation above. This is what will at least allow you to build a solid foundation in your essay, which in turn will allow you to attain a...Read More

Recent Literature study guides

  • VCE Literature essay approaches – how it’s different to language analysis

    VCE Literature essay approaches – how it’s different to language analysis

    The big trap students doing both English and Literature fall into is the habit of writing Close Readings like a Language Analysis essay. In essence, the two of these essays must tick the same boxes. But, here’s why analysing texts in Literature is a whole different ball game – in English, you want to be focusing on the methods that the author utilises to get their message across, whereas Literature is all about finding your own message in the writing. In a Language Analysis essay, the chances are that most students will interpret the contention of the writer in a similar fashion and that will usually be stated in the introduction...Read More
  • VCE Literature Close Analysis: What to include in an introduction

    VCE Literature Close Analysis: What to include in an introduction

    The 2015 Unit 3/4 Literature exam is just under 70 days away and it is at this point that students should be practicing Close Analysis essays and working to improve their writing. One of the most prominent questions I receive from students is this: “do I need to write an introduction?”. This is usually followed with “how do I write an introduction?”. Firstly, yes, I believe all students should be writing introductions as they are an excellent way to showcase your ability to provide an insight into your personal “reading” of the text, interpret the passages and allow you an avenue through which to begin your discussion of the material....Read More

Recent VCE Life Posts

  • Does your ATAR really matter? | YouTube video

    Does your ATAR really matter? | YouTube video

    Here’s my two cents on the highly anticipated, dreaded, motivating ‘ATAR’ (you can see fit which adjective best suits you!). Now that most of you have almost finished your exams, you will be impatiently waiting for your VCE results in December. If you get that perfect score you’re after then congratulations! But what if you fall below the ATAR score you wanted or, if it’s not high enough to get into the course you want to do at university? These questions have been repeatedly asked over several years and this time, I’ve addressed all these ATAR-related type of questions to hopefully alleviate any concerns you may have! This video was created by...
  • Which subjects should I study in VCE? | YouTube video

    Which subjects should I study in VCE? | YouTube video

    Hi VCE students! Before you even begin VCE you need to make several important decisions, and even when you are already on the VCE journey, sometimes you can still be ambivalent – which subjects should I do in VCE? While choosing a mere few (5-7) subjects may seem deceptively easy, your choices are often clouded by several other factors – personal interest, subject scaling, subjects your parents think you should do, prerequisites and more! If you’re looking for someone to tell you specifically which subjects you should do, then you’ve got the wrong mindset! No set of subjects will guarantee you that perfect ATAR, but there are several considerations I explore below to help put you...
  • How to find the perfect tutor for YOU!

    How to find the perfect tutor for YOU!

    Majority of VCE students, yes you read it right, majority of your peers this year will hire tutors for extra assistance in their studies. It’s perfectly understandable since VCE is only getting more and more competitive, and students are looking for that edge that will set them apart from others! If you are a student who is currently looking for that one ideal tutor in whatever subject it may be, then this guide is for you. You might be in the same situation as I was a few years ago, someone who has gone through so many tutors that you can’t even keep count. And why is that? Probably because you simply weren’t satisfied with...