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VCE English Intensive Workshop

Lisa's VCE English Summer Intensive workshop 2015. Interact. Engage. Succeed!

A 3 hour jam-packed tutoring session where in each hour we cover Text Response, Context and Language Analysis. We will run through structuring essays for different types of essay topics, analysing articles and visuals, how to compare 2 or more articles, how to approach SACs and exams, tips from VCAA English examiners to get A+ results and much more!...

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What students say

Lisa has helped me develop my writing skills to a much higher standard, provided comprehensive feedback that I was missing from my teacher and priceless resources. Her dedication to her students is amazing as seen through her study guides.

Linh Hoang Year 12 student

“Lisa is an amazing English tutor who helped me develop my writing so much this year. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an English tutor and she’s the one of the nicest and most approachable people I know.”

Kanwal Singh Year 12 graduate

Recent study guides

  • Oral presentation topics for 2015

    Oral presentation topics for 2015

    Since September 2014, the current affairs has been raging with numerous controversial topics. Here are some of the more interesting issues that would be a good starting point for your oral. Remember to offer an interesting and unique argument, even if it may mean adopting the unconventional or unpopular point of view on the issue! Should medicinal cannabis be legalised in Australia? Should US anti-vaccination campaigner Sherri Tenpenny be allowed to give talks in Australia? Should children be vaccinated? Should ‘pick-up artist’ Julien Blanc have been banned from visiting Australia? Is social media negatively impacting on student studies? Should women be allowed to breastfeed in public? Should we have more stringent surrogacy laws?...Read More
  • VCE English Language Quotations and Examples: Where do I even find ‘em?

    VCE English Language Quotations and Examples: Where do I even find ‘em?

    One of the biggest issues plaguing many VCE English Language students is the inability to source credible and relevant quotations for their SACs or essays. Why are quotations and examples so important for your assessment? The reason is simple: without quotations to back up your point, your argument may appear to be invalid and unreliable. In order to achieve the highest grade possible in English Language, you need to have a plethora of quotations and examples. Tip: You should start compiling your quotations and examples list NOW! This will undoubtedly put you ahead of the pack. The first issue around quotations and examples is the usability of them. Firstly, have...Read More
  • How to find the perfect tutor for YOU!

    How to find the perfect tutor for YOU!

    Majority of VCE students, yes you read it right, majority of your peers this year will hire tutors for extra assistance in their studies. It’s perfectly understandable since VCE is only getting more and more competitive, and students are looking for that edge that will set them apart from others! If you are a student who is currently looking for that one ideal tutor in whatever subject it may be, then this guide is for you. You might be in the same situation as I was a few years ago, someone who has gone through so many tutors that you can’t even keep count. And why is that? Probably because you simply weren’t satisfied with...Read More