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A 5 hour intensive workshop where we meticulously cover the new English syllabus to head-start your VCE English in 2017!

We will run through the gold standard of approach for clever essay approaches and compare A+ level essays in Text Response, Reading and Comparing, and Language Analysis so you can achieve A+ results and much more!

Essentially, we will detail everything you need to know in VCE English so that you are remarkably prepared and ready to tackle your SACs throughout the year.  At the end of the session, you depart with greater confidence in your knowledge and writing ability along with a comprehensive take-home study guide!



Each workshop invites VCE Study Guides' tutors (all with 45+ study scores) to work with students in groups throughout the day. Additionally, there is also a QnA section where tutors discuss their secrets to VCE success (a notable favourite of students at past workshops)!


Our workshops are designed to be completely different than your typical lecture because sitting for hours on end isn't how we feel students learn best. With the help of several VCE Study Guides' tutors supporting you throughout the day, enhance your learning with multiple small group activities to apply your new skills!


VCE Study Guides' workshops have been created by high achievers who have attended endless VCE lectures during their final years of school. Enough with generic advice you've already learnt from the classroom and lectures. VCE Study Guides fills in the gaps by targeting key tips you really need to know in order to excel in SACs and the exam.


Spots are STRICTLY limited, so make sure you book your spot today and give yourself the best chance of success!

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The instructors

Lisa Tran is the Founder of VCE Study Guides and a popular word-of-mouth VCE English tutor with 8 years of experience (fully booked for 2017). She has tutored over hundreds of students, helping the majority of them to achieve study scores of 40+!


10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

22nd of January, 2017

Collective Campus


1/20 Queen St, Melbourne 3000


Pricing Starting from

$69, with early-bird coupon. Enter at checkout 'save10'. Discount expires 08/01/17.



Hear from some of our happy customers!

I would like to say thank you for everything VCE Study Guides has done. My son has had an amazing tutor for the last 18 months and I feel he will be able to perform a lot better in his VCE English exam. He has renewed confidence and feels a lot more at ease…I would recommend your tutors to anyone who has a child struggling.

Lynne Arthur, Parent

I went from averaging Bs to top of my school cohort with VCE Study Guides' tutoring - I cannot thank you enough for enabling such a shocking yet exceptional experience for me! I'm not B-sian anymore, I'm A-sian!

Leslie Zhou, 2015 student

A phenomenal resource, something every student and teacher should see. VCE Study Guides has been crafted brilliantly; informative and supportive for all learners.

Sasha Semjonov, Teacher at Clonard College

Without a doubt, the best workshop I've ever attended because it simply wasn't a typical workshop, the interactive activities made everything we learnt applicable straight away, and I trust VCE Study Guides' tutors because they specialise in English!

Sarah Vo, 2015


Does it matter what text I'm studying or are you going to look at one specific text?

Yes it absolutely matters! That's why when you sign up to the workshop, you will also fill out a questionnaire informing me of which texts you're studying at school. This way I can ensure that your texts will be included in the notes. Since it is impossible to run through all 20+ texts in the space of a day, I will give advice that is applicable to all texts while using the multiple novels/films studied by attending students as examples. 

Do you do refunds?

No, there are no refunds available after purchase. However, your ticket can be transferrable to another students. This means that if you are unable to attend on the day, someone else can take your place. Otherwise, we can send out your booklet to you if you miss the day.

Can Year 11s attend this lecture?


Push your learning further by advancing your skills and knowledge through our workshop.

What do I do after I've registered?

After you've secured your spot, a confirmation email will be sent to you via email within 24 hours. All you will need to do is print out this email and present it at the workshop on the day. Nothing will be delivered to your home via mail.

I'm an EAL student, can I join this workshop?

Yes! You're more than welcome. The EAL syllabus is very similar to the English syllabus. The only section we won't cover is Note-taking in Language Analysis - a section specific for EAL students only.

I represent a school and am interested in VCE Study Guides workshops.

VCE Study Guides works with schools as well! Please contact us directly at hello@vcestudyguides.com.

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