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I would like to say thank you for everything VCE Study Guides has done. My son has had an amazing tutor for the last 18 months and I feel he will be able to perform a lot better in his VCE English exam. He has renewed confidence and feels a lot more at ease…I would recommend your tutors to anyone who has a child struggling.

Lynne Arthur, Parent

I went from averaging Bs to top of my school cohort with VCE Study Guides' tutoring - I cannot thank you enough for enabling such a shocking yet exceptional experience for me! I'm not B-sian anymore, I'm A-sian!

Leslie Zhou, 2015 student

A phenomenal resource, something every student and teacher should see. VCE Study Guides has been crafted brilliantly; informative and supportive for all learners.

Sasha Semjonov, Teacher at Clonard College

Without a doubt, the best workshop I've ever attended because it simply wasn't a typical workshop, the interactive activities made everything we learnt applicable straight away, and I trust VCE Study Guides' tutors because they specialise in English!

Sarah Vo, 2015








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