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Zoe Douglas

English {48}, ATAR 97.1

Specialises in:

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Melbourne Eastern Suburbs, Online


Hey! I’m Zoe, and I am currently studying the Bachelor of Science at Melbourne University with Indonesian on the side. I usually spend most of my time outdoors and being active through running, swimming, life saving and surfing.

I would like to consider myself as a bright and bubbly individual, always striving to make people laugh or smile. Whilst always a big fan of reading, I did not always jump in joy when showing up to my English class at school. However, during my VCE years, with a major flip in my mindset to see English as a rewarding and beneficial subject, it quickly became my favourite.

That being said, as a tutor I would love to bring an enthusiastic manner in the way I teach English, to not only support my students in their studies, but encourage them to make the most out of studying English. As your tutor, I would love to give my tips and tricks to not only doing your personal best in English, but having fun while you do it. I would love for my students to come out of my sessions feeling rewarded from studying English, rather than deflated by the compulsory nature of the subject.

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