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Timothy Clarke

Teacher in training, Literature {41}, ATAR 95.30

Specialises in:

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Melbourne South-Eastern Suburbs, Monash University, Online


**Teacher in training**

Hi! I'm Tim! I'm currently studying arts and secondary teaching at Monash with an eye to start my teaching career by 2023. I'm majoring in history with a minor in literary studies (English), and once qualified these will be my teaching disciplines. Having tutored literature with LSG and been on placement I've learnt how to deliver complex (and simple!) ideas to many different learners. I have a passion for music and play in multiple bands on different instruments. But, my love of English is so strong if you ask me about a book I'll talk for days, which can be a good learning experience. I'm a strong believer in relationships in learning, which is why I'll be available whenever necessary, and look forward to knowing more about my students!

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