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Shenara Thilakaratne

English {45}, ATAR 99.25

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Melbourne Eastern Suburbs, Monash University, Online


Hi there! My name is Shenara and I graduated from secondary school with an ATAR of 99.25 and a study score of 45 in English. I’ve always been an avid reader (not so much a writer, but I guess I was forced to in VCE), and I’ll read just about anything! I love to cook, play netball, listen to music, chill with my friends and sometimes I even knit!

I'm someone who totally understands how overwhelming and difficult VCE can be - particularly English, as it seems like a subject that is so difficult to study for - however, I would absolutely love to share with you the tips and tricks that I learned throughout the year. I really enjoyed English in VCE and I did grow to appreciate the texts that I studied (Ransom by David Malouf is now one of my favourite books) and I hope that my enthusiasm could motivate you, as a student, to do the best that you possibly can!

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