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Ruby Nicks

English {46}, ATAR 98.25

Specialises in:

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Melbourne Eastern Suburbs, University of Melbourne, Online


Hi! I’m Ruby and am currently studying Engineering through the Bachelor of Science at The University of Melbourne! I am very excited to support you in gaining the confidence and skills to achieve your best results possible!

As someone who has always loved to read, I did, however, find it very difficult to find motivation for my English studies, until Year 11 and 12, where one teacher inspired me to work so diligently that my best score ended up being English. Therefore, I would absolutely love to help you in finding this drive for English and pursue areas of your learning you may have not gone before.

When I am not studying, you will find me outdoors exploring the world. I love to travel and have visited over 14 countries, including living in America for 4 years. From Life Saving, volunteering and tutoring, I am very passionate about supporting others and hope to provide humanitarian aid as an engineer in my future career. I can’t wait to hear about the adventures you’ve been on while we explore your amazing English texts!

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