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Maz Hossain

English {46}

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Melbourne South-Eastern Suburbs, Monash University, Online


Hi there!

My name is Maz, and I'm currently in the final year of my Bachelor of Science at Monash, majoring in Anatomy, and planning to progress into post-grad Medicine. Outside of being head-in-the-books, I enjoy learning new recipes, going to the gym, writing in my spare time and experiencing new places with my friends.

Having been an English tutor for a number of years, I've come across a wide range of students - from those who want their 40+'s, to those who would be happy with a pass. Whatever your goal may be, my aim as a tutor is for you to feel increasingly confident over time in your English abilities, and most importantly, to learn how to enjoy the subject! There is nothing more gratifying to me than seeing a student get scores better than their perceived best.

If you are looking to be tutored by someone who employs a casual and friendly tutoring environment, and would love to see you grow - not only in English but as a person in the most dynamic stages of your life (being in VCE) - I would love nothing more than to be part of your lifelong journey in learning.

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