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Jasleen Kaur

English {48}

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Melbourne South-Eastern Suburbs, Monash University, Online


Hello! My name is Jasleen, and in a nutshell, I’m an amateur Swiftie, a film enthusiast, a philosophy geek, and most importantly, a loyal member of Robinsons Bookshop. When I’m not busy reading, you may find me binge-watching K-dramas or perfecting my hot chocolate recipe with Gilmore Girls running in the background, as always. I’m currently pursuing a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Monash University and enjoy honing my critical and analytical thinking skills every chance I get! In Year 12, English was one of my favourite subjects. In fact, I spent the larger part of my time in deep, philosophical thought about the bigger ideas in my texts. I was intent on finding meaning in various obscure corners of the literature and spent hours quibbling over each detail with fellow study buddies. Nevertheless, I understand how difficult and disorientating VCE English can be and would love to help you make this journey more enjoyable, and less overwhelming!

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