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James Whitfort

English {43}, ATAR 92.90

Specialises in:

Service Area:

Melbourne Western Suburbs, CBD, Skype


G’day everyone. My name is James and I graduated from Emmanuel College in 2018 with a raw score of 43 in VCE English. Whilst I was in Year 12, I had a love-hate relationship with English, and it is this first-hand experience in dealing with both the pitfalls and joys of this rewarding, yet occasionally frustrating subject that I believe will allow me to guide you through arguably the most important VCE study. Outside of the classroom I enjoy watching and playing a plethora of different sports. Moreover, I remain a keen learner and spend a great deal of my time keeping up with news and current affairs in order to expand my horizons. I’m stoked to be joining Lisa’s Study Guides for 2019, and look forward to meeting all of you!

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