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Elena Joan Wu

English Language {47}, ATAR 99.7

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Melbourne Eastern Suburbs


I graduated from the Macrobertson Girls' High School in 2016, achieving an ATAR score of 99.70, and a study score of raw 47 in English Language. This year in 2017, I will be studying first year undergraduate Medicine at Monash University. My VCE subjects were methods (2015), Chinese SL(2015), Spesh (2016), Chemistry (2016), Global Politics (2016), and of course, English Language (2016). During my VCE journey, English Language was undoubtedly my favourite subject, which is also why I had decided to apply to be an English Language tutor. Because I was not always confident with my studies in English Language, I understand the difficulty of this subject and the (really!) hard concepts involved in the current study guide. During VCE, I participated in many extracurricular activities in school, such as music ensembles, sports teams, house activities etc., as well as volunteering positions outside of school - all throughout SWOTVAC. Although VCE is hard, I'm sure this blog post will at least provide you with some assurance that not only English Language is possible, VCE is possible, and also give you some insight into what a productive and effective SWOTVAC could be like. :)

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