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Cynthia Vu

EAL {46}

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Melbourne Northern Suburbs, Skype


Hi all, I'm Cynthia! I am a Bachelor of Commerce student at La Trobe University. As someone who comes from Vietnam and started her English studies in Vietnam, I totally understand the challenges of learning a language that is not your mother-tongue. In fact, I was quite struggling with my Year 11 EAL as it was the year I just started doing VCE and was so lost and estranged from the curriculum. However, the two-year-later me is much more confident with her English and so so happy to share her personal experience with anyone who undergoes similar difficulties. I strongly believe in the importance of mistakes as part of self-growth. So don't be ashamed when you make mistakes, but let me help you find a way to address such mistakes and get closer to your goals! I'm really looking forward to our tutoring sessions where we can enjoy this fascinating subject together!

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