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Andrew Wong

English {50}, Literature {49}, ATAR 99.55

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Melbourne Eastern Suburbs, CBD, Online


Hola, I'm Andrew and I graduated from Scotch in 2019.

Having achieved success in both English and Literature without employing the conventional method of grinding out essays and rote-learning content, I think that my results in these subjects stemmed first and foremost from an understanding of technique.

Whether the question is ‘How should I plan this topic?’, ‘How should I structure this essay?’, ‘How can I arrange this sentence?’,  or even ’What word word/phrase expresses this idea best?’, I believe that the key to success in both VCE English and Lit is deeply-rooted in an understanding of essay-writing techniques.

And so, having honed my essay-writing approach over the last few years, I would love the opportunity to share and pass on the skills and tricks that I have developed onto the next wave of students. Here, I really hope that I can assist in making the daunting studies of English and Lit as straightforward and painless as possible, so that students can achieve whatever their academic goals may be.

Cheers :)

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