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Alice Jenner

English {50}, ATAR 99.45

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Yarraville, Online


Hey there! I’m Alice. I’m currently studying a Doctor of Medicine at the University of Melbourne, and have a Bachelor’s degree in Science majoring in Psychology. When I’m not busy rushing around the hospital or studying at home, you’ll find me outdoors moving my body, invariably near the sea! Snorkelling, scuba, surfing, swimming, SUPPing; if you can find another sea-themed-S-word to add to this alliteration, you bet I’d be down for it. I am acutely aware of how overwhelming a subject such as English that is so inherently grey can seem, especially to students that might prefer the black and white rigidity of more science-based subjects – as a med student myself, I get this! However, I’d love to help my students appreciate that with this ambiguity comes liberating flexibility and scope for creativity and personal expression that not many other VCE subjects can afford. This is why I love tutoring English - effort is rewarded exponentially, and I cannot wait to help my students to discover this and let their writing bloom.

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