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Aashritha Kumar

English {49}, Literature {39}, ATAR 98.60

Specialises in:

Service Area:

Melbourne Eastern Suburbs, Monash University


Hi team! I'm Aashritha and I have been with LSG for almost 3 years. My interests range from sophisticated one eyebrow movements to learning about the curvature and expansion of the Universe as well as researching ways to prevent global warming from limiting the growth of chickpeas and therefore the lessening the production of hommus. I studied English, Literature, Art, Specialist Maths, Mathematical Methods and Chemistry in school and completed VCE in 2014. I am currently heading in to my fourth year of an Arts/Law (Hons) degree at Monash University. In my spare time, I tutor English (obviously), write for an online publication, co-host a community radio show, sing, dance, read, run, watch documentaries and like learning about random things.

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