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Niche helps you improve your essay writing by offering you very specific courses based on common feedback from teachers.

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Finally understand how to improve your essays.

We transform teacher's broad statements to very specific advice so you can take control of your learning.

Learn to back up your ideas using logical argument and evidence. Transform your essay from surface-level to well-developed arguments.

3 hours

Learn to move beyond the most obvious discussions in your essays. Instead, offer unique interpretations and examples by adopting the 'close analysis' method.

3 hours

Learn different introduction styles, prepare your own template, and successfully tackle any essay topic from your very first sentence.

3 hours

Learn a straightforward step-by-step-process which will have you answering the topic with relevant arguments and evidence.

3 hours

Learn to select the perfect word choice in your essays, rather than just flicking through the dictionary looking for 'complex' words.

3 hours

Learn to create smart, flexible essay templates that will always answer the essay topic in front of you.

3 hours

Learn to communicate your ideas clearly in essay writing, common errors to avoid, and advanced techniques to describe more complex ideas.

3 hours

Learn how to explain an article's effect on the reader by adopting our simple strategy so you'll never be left guessing.

3 hours

Learn how to connect the author's message to themes and characters. Use this skill in essay writing to transform your analysis into one that shows a student with a perceptive grasp of the text.

3 hours

in-depth, high quality content taught by experts.

Learning through Niche allows you to master the skills you'll need to ace your VCE English, at your own pace.
Here's how it works:

1. Choose the skills you want to learn

Writing introductions. Essay structuring. Performing under exam conditions. From foundations to advanced techniques, queue up all the skills you want to master!

2. Complete exercises, get real feedback

We know how important it is to get in-depth feedback. Complete exercises, and get real feedback from English experts that'll help you improve.

3. Complete courses and become a stronger English student!

With each course you complete and each skill you master, see yourself improve, and become a more confident and competent student!

What each course Contains

Hours of video content and articles, breaking down important skills and concepts into digestible chunks.

Quizzes and exercises that get marked by real people, so you can get authentic feedback.

Access to all courses for one monthly subscription. That means you can learn whatever you want, whenever you want.

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