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Learn to back up your ideas using logical argument and evidence. Transform your essay from surface-level to well-developed arguments.

3 hours

Learn to move beyond the most obvious discussions in your essays. Instead, offer unique interpretations and examples by adopting the 'close analysis' method.

3 hours

Learn different introduction styles, prepare your own template, and successfully tackle any essay topic from your very first sentence.

3 hours

Learn a straightforward step-by-step-process which will have you answering the topic with relevant arguments and evidence.

3 hours

Learn to select the perfect word choice in your essays, rather than just flicking through the dictionary looking for 'complex' words.

3 hours

Learn to create smart, flexible essay templates that will always answer the essay topic in front of you.

3 hours

Learn to communicate your ideas clearly in essay writing, common errors to avoid, and advanced techniques to describe more complex ideas.

3 hours

Learn how to explain an article's effect on the reader by adopting our simple strategy so you'll never be left guessing.

3 hours

Learn how to connect the author's message to themes and characters. Use this skill in essay writing to transform your analysis into one that shows a student with a perceptive grasp of the text.

3 hours

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Hours of video content and articles, breaking down important skills and concepts into digestible chunks.

Quizzes and exercises that get marked by real people, so you can get authentic feedback.

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