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Our Mission

VCE Study Guides launched the first 'workshop' experience back in 2014. And they have received raved reviews ever since. Our workshops are designed to be completely different than your typical lecture, because sitting for hours on end isn't how we feel students learn best.

With the help of several VCE Study Guides' tutors supporting you throughout the day, enhance your learning with multiple small group activities to apply your new skills!Students also love our workshops because of our attention to detail.
All students are welcome to bring their essays for feedback and ask advice from 45+ high achievers in our popular Q&A session!

Who will be teaching you

Lisa Tran

I graduated in 2008 from Methodist Ladies' College with an English study score of 45. And I have helped several students strive for their goals in English ever since - from selective school students, EAL students, to disadvantaged students. I am so invested in tutoring that I quit my career as a Pharmacist because I find the experience of teaching incredibly rewarding. Over the past 7 years I am so proud to say that I have seen each and every one of my students grow not only in their English skills, but also their motivation to succeed in English and VCE.


To learn everything you need to know in VCE English: $69! including interactive group work with VCE English 45+ high achievers and take-home VCE Study Guides' workshop notes booklet (over 100+ pages of valuable advice)!

We are also now bringing friends together by offering group discounts!

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I would like to say thank you for everything VCE Study Guides has done. My son has had an amazing tutor for the last 18 months and I feel he will be able to perform a lot better in his VCE English exam. He has renewed confidence and feels a lot more at ease…I would recommend your tutors to anyone who has a child struggling.

Lynne Arthur, Parent

I went from averaging Bs to top of my school cohort with VCE Study Guides' tutoring - I cannot thank you enough for enabling such a shocking yet exceptional experience for me! I'm not B-sian anymore, I'm A-sian!

Leslie Zhou, 2015 student

A phenomenal resource, something every student and teacher should see. VCE Study Guides has been crafted brilliantly; informative and supportive for all learners.

Sasha Semjonov, Teacher at Clonard College

Without a doubt, the best workshop I've ever attended because it simply wasn't a typical workshop, the interactive activities made everything we learnt applicable straight away, and I trust VCE Study Guides' tutors because they specialise in English!

Sarah Vo, 2015

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1. I struggle with identifying language techniques, will you help me with this?

Absolutely! Many past students of VCE English have expressed similar concerns, so providing you with tips on identifying language techniques is definitely on the agenda! Furthermore, I will heavily explore analysing how the author ATTEMPTS TO PERSUADE their readers, which is fundamental knowledge that many students find difficult to grasp!

2. Will we have a chance to practice writing?

Definitely! English is not English without some writing and personalised feedback! We're also going to have an interactive session where there will be discussion amongst students and myself, along with the opportunity to participate in some engaging activities with others!

3. Are we going to look at both good and bad essays?

Yes, in order for you to understand how to improve in English writing, we need to look at the pros and cons of different standards of essays so we know what to aim for (and we're aiming for A+ right?!)

4. Does it matter what text I'm studying or are you going to look at one specific text?Since it is impossible to run through all 20+ VCAA English set texts in the space of a day, I will give advice that is applicable to all Reading and Creating/Comparing texts while using the multiple novels/films studied by attending students as examples. That's why when you register, you will be directed to a questionnaire to share which texts you are studying at school.

5. Do we get breaks throughout the day?

Of course you do! I know how important food energy is for our learning so we will have a 30 minute lunch break with free pizza provided! 

6. What if I have more than 3 of us wanting to sign up?

Have no fear! Bigger group discounts are offered to those who wish to book for more than a group of 3 - have a look at our bigger group discount here!

7. What do I do after I've registered?

After you've secured your spot, a confirmation email will be sent to you via email within 24 hours. All you will need to do is print out this email and present it at the workshop on the day. Nothing will be delivered to your home via mail.

8. Do you do refunds?

No, there are no refunds available after purchase. However, your ticket can be transferrable to another students. This means that if you are unable to attend on the day, someone else can take your place. Otherwise, we can send out your booklet to you if you miss the day.

9. How can I stay updated on latest news regarding the workshop?

Once you have registered, you will receive updates leading up to the event. You can also join our Facebook event here for the latest news.

10. Can Year 12s attend this lecture?

Unfortunately no. This is a Year 11 only workshop. See the Year 12 workshop here.

11. What if I can't attend but would love to get my hands on your notes?

No worries! The Year 11 study guides will be published in the coming months. Sign up by sending us an email below to stay updated!

latest articles

Check out our latest thought leadership on enterprise innovation.

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