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Gone are the days where you would sit down with an outdated tutor for a bland hour of tutoring. At VCE Study Guides, we take pride in our innovative and interactive teaching approach. We possess the unique skill of transforming VCE tutoring into an engaging and fun learning space (as strange and incomprehensible as it may seem!) with a great vibe so that even our students feel excited and keen to learn!
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Wealth of Knowledge

We have comprehensive knowledge of VCE English, English Language, EAL, and Literature courses. As with majority of English-based subjects, students study different texts each year. Just like how your teacher wouldn't teach you a text they hadn't yet studied themselves, we always make it our responsibility to have an excellent understanding of our students' texts - no excuses. Our detailed text insight empowers us to provide you with in-depth discussions and greater knowledge which you will use to your advantage in SACs and exams!
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We know that each student is at their own unique skill level and end-goal and as a result, we tailor all our tutoring sessions to specifically suit you, so that you can access the opportunity to solidify your strengths while targeting your weaknesses to be at your best potential.
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