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Women of Troy Essay Topics

Lindsey Dang

April 5, 2019

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We've curated essay prompts based off our Women of Troy Study Guide which explores themes, characters, and quotes.

Before getting started on your own essay writing using our essay topics, feel free to watch the video below where Lisa brainstorms and breaks down the topic:

How does Euripides use the structure of the play to explore the role of women and their suffering in time of war?

LSG-curated Women of Troy Essay Topics

  1. Euripides’ play Women of Troy mainly focuses on the true cost of wars. To what extent do you agree with the statement
  2. Women of Troy demonstrates that there is no real winner in wars. Discuss.
  3. In the Trojan wars, the Trojans suffered great losses while the Greeks did not suffer. Do you agree?
  4. How does Euripides use language to portray the loss and suffering of Hellenic women in Women of Troy?
  5. Characters in Women of Troy are all driven and motivated by their sense of duty and obligation. To what extent do you agree with the statement?
  6. Hecuba’s greatest pain stems from the deaths of her children. Discuss the statement.
  7. While Helen’ selfishness should be condemned, the audience can still condone her actions due to the circumstances she is in. To what extent do you agree with the statement?
  8. Women of Troy is a tragedy, rather than a war-play. Do you agree?
  9. Euripides argues that fate and fortunes are not preordained, and tragedies do not incriminate. To what extent do you agree with the statement?
  10. It is impossible to sympathise with Helen because she is the most mischievous character of the play. Do you agree?
  11. Women of Troy explores the ways in which a character’s true self might emerge in time of tragedy. Discuss.
  12. In Women of Troy, The Chorus’ only role is to act as the representative of Hellenic women. Do you agree?
  13. In the end, the Gods are not responsible for the tragedies caused by the Trojan war as it happened as a result of poor choices. Do you agree?
  14. Hecuba is the victim of fate. Discuss.
  15. Love is a dangerous passion that can lead to tragic consequences. Does Women of Troy support this statement?
  16. Hecuba is a tragic hero. Discuss
  17. How is the structure of Women of Troy used to convey its meaning?
  18. It is possible for the audience to sympathise with Helen because of her love for Paris. Do you agree?
  19. There is no villain in Women of Troy because everyone in the play suffers. Do you agree with the statement?
  20. Discuss the role of dishonesty in Euripides’ Women of Troy.

Women of Troy is usually studied in the Australian curriculum under Area of Study 1 - Text Response. For a detailed guide on Text Response, check out our Ultimate Guide to VCE Text Response.

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