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Rear Window Prompts

Mark Yin

July 18, 2018

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1.     In Rear Window, Hitchcock suggests that everybody can be guilty of voyeurism. Do you agree?


2.     Jeff’s attempt to pursue justice are entirely without honour. To what extent is this true?


3.     In the society presented in Rear Window, Jeff has more power and agency than Lisa in spite of his injury. Do you agree?


4.     Discuss how the opening sequence sets up later themes and events in Rear Window.


5.     “Of course, they can do the same thing to me, watch me like a bug under glass if they want to.” Hitchcock’s Rear Window argues that it is human nature to be suspicious. To what extent do you agree?


6.     Explore the role of Jeff’s courtyard neighbours in the narrative of Rear Window.


7.     Jeff and Lisa’s roles in Rear Window, as well as that which they witness, reflect the broader societal tensions between the sexes of the time. Discuss.


8.     “I’m not much on rear window ethics.” The sanctity of domestic privacy supersedes the importance of public responsibility. Is this the message of Rear Window?


9.     Marriage lies at the heart of Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window. Discuss.


10.  Hitchcock’s Rear Window explores and ultimately condemns the spectacle made of human suffering. Is this an accurate reflection of the film?


11.  Rear Window argues that it is more important to be right than to be ethical. Do you agree?


12.  “To see you is to love you.” What warnings and messages regarding attraction are offered by Hitchcock’s Rear Window?


13.  In Rear Window, women are merely objects of a sexist male gaze. To what extent do you agree?


14.  In what ways do Hitchcock’s cinematic techniques enhance his storytelling in Rear Window?


15.  “When they’re in trouble, it’s always their Girl Friday that gets them out of it.” Is Lisa the true heroine of Rear Window

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