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Does your ATAR really matter? | YouTube video

Lisa Tran

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Does your ATAR really matter? Here's my two cents on the highly anticipated, dreaded, motivating 'ATAR' (you can see fit which adjective best suits you!). Now that most of you have almost finished your exams, you will be impatiently waiting for your VCE results in December. If you get that perfect score you're after then congratulations! But what if you fall below the ATAR score you wanted or, if it's not high enough to get into the course you want to do at university? These questions have been repeatedly asked over several years and this time, I've addressed all these ATAR-related type of questions to hopefully alleviate any concerns you may have!

Watch 'Does your ATAR really matter?':

At the end of the day, though it is hard to believe now, your ATAR is really just a number. Yes, really. You may not believe it now because you are so immersed in studying, but in the future no one will say to you, 'Hi, my name is Lisa and I achieved an ATAR of 93! What about you?!'. It'll all be OK!

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