Così Essay Prompts

  1. Così contends that some things are more important than politics.
  2. In Così, the ‘insane’ characters are quite normal.
  3. The line between reality and illusion is often blurred.
  4. Ironically, it is through the ‘madmen’ that Lewis learns what is truly important.
  5. Nick and Lucy’s ‘modern’ value of free love is depicted to be a backwards belief. Discuss.
  6. In the face of betrayal, Lewis discovers loyalty.
  7. ‘They are normal people who have done extraordinary things, thought extraordinary thoughts.’ Così depicts the ‘insane’ characters as heroes. Discuss.
  8. Mozart wrote, ‘women are like that’ due to their infidelity. Do the characters in Così confirm this belief?  
  9. Beneath the humour in Così is a brutal depiction of society’s treatment of the mentally ill.
  10.  In Così, all characters are forced to face reality.
  11. In Così, Lewis plays more roles than just a director of the group.
  12. It is not only Lewis who learns in Così, but other characters as well.
  13.  Così demonstrates that illusion is a safer place than reality.
  14. ‘Love is an emotional indulgence for the privileged few.’ Does Così warrant Lucy’s beliefs?
  15. ‘It’s about important things – like love and fidelity.’ How does Lewis learn to distinguish what is important and what is not?
  16. While the characters in Così work as a group, Così calls attention to their isolation. Discuss.
  17. The Australian involvement with the Vietnam War only highlights the importance of love and friendship.
  18. Così is not a play about patients; it is a play about people.
  19. It is through their performances in Così Fan Tutte that the characters discover themselves.
  20. Così demonstrates there is darkness in both reality and fantasy.


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