Act 2 Scene 4


The group performs the    final scene of the opera    with Ferrando and Guglielmo in their Australian military uniforms. The queue for music is missed, and the group whisper to each for one of them to faint. Roy pretends to have a heart attack while Lewis runs off stage to turn on the music. They all sing to the Italian tune with Ferrando and Guglielmo declaring that they will not ‘put [their wives] to the test again’ [pg 83] while the women declare that they ‘will compensate your heart / with love and with fidelity / and will love you forever.’


The correlation between the two plays is illustrated since both the men and women discover each other’s disloyalty. While Ferrando and Guglielmo are aware of their wives infidelity, the wives learn that the men deceived them into believing that they had been sent to the war. This storyline is similar to Lewis and Lucy’s relationship, since Lewis kissed Julie while Lucy slept with Nick. Nevertheless, the conclusion of the opera indicates that despite the ‘vicissitudes of life’ [pg 84], one must accept that life comes with both ups and downs in order to ‘find serenity and peace’.

Important Quotes

‘We are safe and sound and have returned from the war our hearts full of joy / Wanting to embrace our sweethearts and thank them for their fidelity.’ [pg 80 – 81]

‘I’ve deceived you but my deception / undeceived your lovers who, / from now on will be wiser. Give me your hands, now that you’re united / Embrace each other and say no more about it / All four of you can laugh now / as I have laughed and will continue to laugh.’ [pg 83]

‘My love, if this is true / I will compensate your heart  / with love and with fidelity/ and will love you forever.’

‘I believe you, my beautiful one, / But I won’t put you to the test again.’

‘Is this a dream / I’m confused and ashamed / But doesn’t matter if they fooled me/ because I’ll fool others.’ [pg 84]

‘Happy is the man who calmly takes life as her finds it / and through the vicissitudes of life / lets himself be ruled by reason / what makes another weep / will make him laugh / and despite the tempest of his life / he will find serenity and peace.’


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