Oral presentation topics for 2012

  1. Schools dumping chaplains
  2. Gay marriage
  3. Climate change
  4. Should hospitality workers be paid penalty rates for working unsociable hours?
  5. Export of cattle and sheep
  6. Cigarette plain packaging
  7. Coal seam gas
  8. Recreational drug use in Australia
  9. Can Australia sustain a car industry?
  10. Productivity of Australian workers?
  11. Wind farm debate
  12. Should overweight people pay more to fly?
  13. Speed cameras
  14. Tax breaks for wealthy people
  15. Should skilled migrants be taught about hygiene?
  16. Asylum seekers
  17. Teenage Asylum seekers
  18. Maldive's climate refugees
  19. Are fireworks are waste of money?
  20. Murray Darling Basin
  21. Online privacy in regards to internet and social media
  22. Carbon tax
  23. Should Australia strengthen economic ties with India?
  24. Australia's role in Libyan conflict
  25. Nuclear power
  26. Nursing strikes
  27. QANTAS PR disaster
  28. Bali boy and drug charges
  29. Japanese whaling
  30. Doctor shortage
  31. See Oral presentation topics for 2011 for other ongoing issues